Travel Pillows: a Review

Prior to a trip to Seattle that included a red-eye return flight, I decided to purchase a couple of non-standard travel pillows to hopefully allow me to get some sleep on an airplane.  For context, I was flying Frontier with non-reclining seats and had a middle seat. Since I was flying with my husband and son, I purchased 3 different/non-standard but highly rated travel pillows from Amazon.

The purchases:


After briefly trying the Lucy RealCushion on the trip out, my son refused to use a travel pillow.  He also had the window seat, so was the least in need of a travel pillow.

My husband also would only use the Lucy.  On the flight out, he tried it as a travel pillow but on the return red-eye used it exclusively in his lap to hold his iPad so he could watch Netflix.

I tried all three and settled on the VenusCare as my favorite.  The Lucy just didn't seem to work to hold my head in a comfortable position.  I tried a couple of times to use the Trtl Pillow but in order for it to hold up my head, I had to wrap it too tightly around my neck.

I liked the arm on the VenusCare that you hold on to (I typically sleep with an extra pillow under my arm so this is most likely a personal preference.)  However, even though I used it most of the red-eye trip home, I was not actually able to really sleep - just doze for a while.

And as you can tell from the pictures - all of these travel pillows look pretty weird.

Ratings for the Travel Pillows

Final Say:

The VenusCare was my favorite of the three but I honestly would not recommend any of these.  Future-me will simply try to avoid red-eye flights on Frontier.

Disclaimer:  These ratings and reviews are my own opinions based on my own experience.  Your experiences may be different.

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