How to make a red eye on Frontier Airlines suck less

There is not much one can do to make travel on Frontier more enjoyable (or comfortable.)  So why even fly with them?  1.  Price.  Our round trip Cleveland to Seattle price was less than $400 a person.  Including all fees, taxes, and purchasing the bundle that includes everything (stretch seats, carry-on bags, checked bags - which we didn't use but could have.)  And 2.  Frontier is the only carrier that has direct flights between Cleveland and Seattle.

Why does Frontier suck so much?  The seats are hard and they do not recline.  Even on a red-eye flight, their seats don't recline.  (At least that is true on their newer planes.  The first time to Seattle, the seats reclined and you could watch TV on the flight.  That was four years ago and is no longer true.)

So, we fly Frontier.  And after three red-eye trips on Frontier, here are a couple of suggestions to make it suck less.

  • Sit in the Exit Row.  There is so much more space there.
  • Bring your own entertainment.  Netflix now allows you to download movies and shows to your phone/tablet/computer.  I happily watched Charité on the way out and Safe on the way back.  Comfortable noise cancelling headphones would have been a plus.
  • Take the next day off.  You will not sleep so don't plan on working or doing anything except sleeping when you get home.
  • Get a comfy travel pillow that helps you sleep. And if you find a comfy travel pillow that allows you to sleep, please let me know!

Exit Row on Frontier

Me in the exit row.  So much leg room!

Disclaimer:  These are my own personal opinions and experiences.  Your experience may vary.

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