Freecycle (or getting rid of junk)

What is your experience using Freecycle?  As the result of 3 kids and general laziness, I have a basement full of random things.  Apparently, every year I bought all 3 kids a new box of colored pencils which over the years has added up to about 3000 boxes of colored pencils.

Freecyle to the rescue!  I corralled 4 boxes of school and craft supplies and gave them to a mom with 2 girls.  I then dropped off my daughter's old flute to a  student in need of one and gave some old electronics to a person who recycles them!  Next up will be a bunch of vanity mirrors that came with my house.

The Good:  A cleaned out basement and the joy of giving things to people who can use them.

The Bad: Having to arrange drop off or pickup (may involve the dreaded phone call) and flaky people who arrange to meet with you to take the junk but do not show up 🙁

The Overall Opinion:  For me, this is a great way to simplify my household and I plan on continuing the Freecycle lifestyle.  It is much easier than a garage sale.  I generally donate clothes and household items to the Salvation Army (and take the tax deduction) but for stuff they can't use, Freecycle is a great alternative!

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