CSA Week 8 in which we discuss the cheese

This week's haul brought me a giant kohlrabi, cabbage, cucumber, green pepper, green onions, slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  Per the usual all the veggies were tasty - especially the tomatoes - though I must confess, the kohlrabi is still hanging out in my fridge.  It is just so big!

As there is nothing particularly interesting, I thought this would be a good time to discuss the cheese.  Cheese is my top favorite food.  I love cheese and the Middlefield cheese included in my share is top quality.  Each week, I get a random variety of cheese.  The types have included: Colby, Butter Cheese, Baby Swiss, White Cheddar, Smoked Jalapeno, Farmers, Monterrey Jack and something called Yogurt cheese. Most of these I have really liked (especially the colby) but others are just not my cup of tea.  Added into this, 1/2 pound a week is simply too much.  All in all, I have not been as happy with the cheese as I expected.

I Test It First
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