Adventures with CSA – Week 5

There is not a single bad item in this weeks share: Romaine lettuce, cauliflower, tomato, peas, beans, zucchini and blueberries!  I was particularly happy to get the peas and I (and my whole family) love Shrimp Fried Rice.

The amount of beans is more than my family can eat in one week (the bag is enough for 2 meals) so I cooked half - see my post on super easy CSA recipes - and I froze the other half.

Creme Brulee with Blueberries

I had a misstep with the Creme Brulee with Blueberries that I tried this week.  I made the creme brulee in my Instant Pot and the ring wasn't inserted correctly (and didn't seal.) I had to restart the cooking process and it didn't turn out quite right.   May or may not try again at some point - I love creme brulee but simply should not be eating that much creme and sugar anymore.

I Test It First
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