Adventures with CSA – Week 2

The adventures with CSA continues with week 2!  A little less adventurous this week as there is only 1 new vegetable - kohlrabi.  I do have a confession: this weeks share included kale and I didn't bring it home (don't feel bad for the kale, it went to a good person who likes greens and was very happy to have it.)

Shown here is what I went home with: Spinach, yellow squash, onions, garlic, leaf lettuce, kohlrabi, eggs, cheese and a large bag of pea pods!


I did a much better job this week eating up the produce.  I made a several salads, grilled the squash, used the pea pods in Shrimp Fried Rice one night and in Chicken and Pea Pod stir fry another night.  I even roasted (this and last weeks) kohlrabi!

Taste wise, this week was a big win.  The squash, pea pods, lettuce (this and last weeks), and last weeks cucumber were all delicious and much better than you get at the store.  I roasted the kohlrabi in olive oil and garlic with a little salt and pepper.  It turned out quite good - sort of like a cabbage-y potato.

Chicken with Pea Pods stir fry

At the end of the week, I had some of the onions and garlic left, one of the kohlrabi, and about 3/4 of the spinach. This plus consuming much of the previous weeks produce was a big win for me budget-wise.

Adventure-wise this share was a bit of a miss.  With the exception of the roasted kohlrabi, I pretty much cooked the same as I always do.

Week 2 Results

Egg Bonus

Due to a mess up by the distributor, I was given a full dozen eggs instead of the half dozen I purchased.  I have not yet posted anything about the eggs even though I have been diligently eating them.  (It's not a hardship, I love eggs.)

I decided to a taste test between the eggs I received through the CSA and the organic, pasture-raised eggs that I normally buy at the grocery store.  I cooked one of each - over easy on toast for the comparison.  While I didn't detect any difference in taste, the CSA eggs are quite less expensive at $4.00 a dozen compared to the grocery store price of about $5.00 a dozen.

I Test It First
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